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  • to build the socially responsible design fundamentals of the creative industries by developing design capabilities, stimulating sophisticated demand and strengthening industries to become credible and significant players in the global creative landscape.
  • To recognize young designers in UAE
  • To start social design dialogues in UAE
  • To establish UAE as a leading hub for design excellence, where its design cluster is fully developed into a key driver of national competitiveness and creativity.

By using a grassroots approach to revitalize UAE’s economy, TASMENA will cultivate creative talents, stimulating creative ideas and cultivating creative enterprises from the ground up; aiming to empower individuals and organizations to initiate and pilot cutting edge projects that will unleash individual and community creativity and entrepreneurship. TASMENA will fabricate demands and capabilities for the Creative Industries by providing a unique people-private-public collaborative platform providing various levels of support, including facilitation, co-branding, marketing and co-funding. We hope that all designers in UAE will contribute and be part of our family.

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Saatchi & Saatchi has grown from a start-up advertising agency in London in 1970 to a global creative communications company headquartered in New York, with 140 offices in 76 countries. Saatchi & Saatchi is part of the Publicis Groupe, the world’s third largest communications group.

Saatchi & Saatchi has helped move sustainability rapidly from the fringes of business to centre stage. So that’s where you’ll find Saatchi & Saatchi S.

They’re a global leader in offering clients sustainability consulting, brand activation and employee engagement.

They  identify four streams of sustainability. Social, Economic, Environmental and Cultural. And they define their Focus as ‘making sustainability irresistible’.

They’ve also established an internal programme across the Saatchi & Saatchi Network, through which they’re not going to think green, but act True Blue. They’re driving ideas and actions in all offices around energy efficiency, dematerialisation, waste elimination, community and culture-building.

At the heart of this movement is their DOT (Do One Thing) initiative. It makes sustainability personal and brings to life the assertion that “a billion small victories will make the world a better place”.

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3. Institute Without Boundaries

The Institute without Boundaries is a Toronto-based studio that works towards collaborative design action and seeks to achieve social, ecological and economic innovation.


To produce graduates who, in the words of Buckminster Fuller, are ‘a synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist, and evolutionary strategist.’ To do so, they need to eliminate boundaries between design and other professions, and between designers and the local and global constituents they serve.

Coming out of the Institute without Boundaries, graduates will be able to effectively collaborate in the design process, whether they are designers or not.
We aim to create:

  • New design models that are collaborative and consider the ecology, social equity, cultural values and economic properties of the world;
  • A vision that affirms the possibility of developing healthy and creatively interactive relationships between the natural environment and human settlements, and;
  • An affirmative design agenda that encourages us to fashion beautiful, holistic environments for all constituents.

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ISEA Promotional Kit

Hi again!

As I started working on the posters, I did not have a vision of what I wanted to achieve, so I just started playing around in Illustrator trying different compositions and elements. Even after 5 tries, using photographs and some vector shapes, I did not quite like any of the posters I made. Therefore, I started illustrating dunes and waves for the poster, and I think it worked more than any of the ones I made before.


Poster Drafts:

Final Poster:


I made 8 different banners, each has one subtheme of the conference.


First try


The tickets consists of an envelope and a ticket. I made the shape of the envelope just like the shape of the banners.

Name Badge:



Student Council Elections

Hi again! 😀

So as some of you might know, this year the university decided that instead of them choosing who becomes part of the Student Council, maybe it can be something all the students can decide. So this year they made it a voting system, where each student gets to vote for 3out of 22 girls running to be one in the Student Council, and then out of those 22, the 5 girls with the most votes will be chosen. So….. Hessa my sister is running this year (YAY!), so she asked me to design her campaign posters and stickers for her (she is officially my second client B) ).

So I hope you liked them! and please vote for her!! 😀 😀