Re-remixed Poster

Hi everyone!

I just realized I haven’t posted my final edit of the remix poster, IM SORRY! Anyways, because my partner decided to keep the composition of the poster the same, and just changed and add some colors, I decided to to the same. So, I added the gradient effect to the background instead of the text itself to make it look like a sky. The text I was assigned at the beginning of this project is a manifesto written by Graphic Designers talking about how Graphic Designers can do more than advertisements and billboard. So, I decided to make my poster ironic and add an illustration of a billboard sign with the text inside, and leave the rest of the poster clean.

I hope you like it! 😀



Photoshop Tut #2

Hey everyone!

For this week’s exercise , I chose a very interesting tutorial which some students used last week. Instead of using my name, I decided to make it one of my favorite quotes from a song by Lady Gaga :p. I did two different versions; one has different serif fonts layered over each other, and for the other one I decided to use the font Lady Gaga used for her album cover.



Playing with grids

Hi everyone,

So I’ve been playing around with InDesign’s grid system as part of our next Typography project. For the project, we’re supposed to design a collaborative book with our partners in San Francisco,  that is going to include our design processes for the last two projects with explanations. Here’s what I did:

Editted Dubai and San Francisco Posters


So I decided to edit the typography in my San Francisco and Dubai posters, because honestly I must admit that the previous one was done in a hurry without and without any thought. I also changed the layout of the Dubai poster from horizontal to vertical. I believe it looks much stronger now.



Remixed Poster


I’m so happy I finally heard from my partner Hanna. She sent me her poster to remix. I read her persona and I understood that her target audience are grandparents/ over 40. I think her poster is great, however it does not really speak to its target audience; it looks more targeted to 20 something age group. So I changed the composition, the typefaces, added a small paragraph from the assigned texts, and changed the size of some of the text. I also added some color to the background. I purposely stayed away from adding images because I personally think it looks more effective and clean and easy to the eye like that.

Poster before remixing


Remixed Poster


I also got my remixed poster back from Hannah. She said she decided not to change that much in my poster because she loved my graphic aesthetic of it. Here it is:

Remix Posters

Developing a persona for the poster:


Alya is a 26-year-old market from the United Arab Emirates. She was raised in Abu Dhabi, where she graduated from a private school and entered Zayed University as an Interior Design student. Two years later, she moved to Ajman with her family so she moved to the Dubai campus of Zayed University. Alya then realized that she was not interested in Interior Design like she thought she was, so she changed her major to 3D Motion Graphics Design. She did an amazing job producing a bunch of short movies. Alya enjoys drawing and painting which also was part of her studies in Zayed University. After she graduated, Alya worked for a year as a marketing executive in a company called Al Wasl. A year later she changed jobs, and is now working as a business development/marketing executive in Ajman Free Zone Authority. She loves traveling and visiting historical and art museums wherever she goes. In her free time, Alya usually watches TV shows on her laptop or surfs the Internet and reads fashion website and blogs. She loves knowing all the latest fashion trends.

Chosen Text:

There are pursuits more worthy of our problem-solving skills. Unprecedented environmental, social and cultural crises demand our attention. Many cultural interventions, social marketing campaigns, books, magazines, exhibitions, educational tools, television programs, films, charitable causes and other information design projects urgently require our expertise and help.


Event name: We’re more than that! / We’re more than ads/ Graphic Con
Murjaan Conference Hall, Madinat Jumeirah
24-26 June 2012
10 am to 4 pm


Poster draft:

Dubai and San Francisco Posters: Final

Dubai Poster:

San Francisco Poster:


I had to adjust some of the things in my poster. I changed the sizes+arrangement of the text, and the color of the words “Life” in Dubai’s poster, and “Freedom” in San Francisco’s poster, because of the feedback I got from my peers and teacher. It was a good idea to change the color to make it relate to the buildings more and also to make it pop out. Also, I did not know we had to use hierarchy in our posters, so I added a tagline in both posters. I think they look more effective now. 😀


San Francisco:

Working on Dubai and San Fransisco Posters..

Hello everyone!! 😀

I’ve been working on my Dubai and San Fransisco posters for a while now, and to be honest coming up with an idea and a concept for the posters was not an easy task. However, once I started getting a clear vision of what message I want to send in my posters it became much easier for me. For my Dubai poster, I decided to use the phrase “City of Life” to be the tagline for my poster. I used illustrator to illustrate the skyline of Dubai, and to make it more energized and quirky , I used very fresh and energetic colors. Because I chose “the city of life” to be my tagline, I had to make it look alive, so I added roots under the buildings to make it look like the buildings are actually living things (plants).

For the San Fransisco poster, I decided to use the same theme for my design; quirky and energetic. But for this poster, instead of adding the roots under the buildings, I added water and waves to make it look like the building are floating on water. I will leave you with the images (even though their not done yet!!)


Unfinished Posters:

Sketching for Project 2 – Typography

I started sketching my ideas for my Dubai posters, even though I don’t my ideas are very well executed on paper yet. However I believe it will all start to make more sense when I put them in Illustrator. But for now here are my sketches:

I choose “City of Life” to be my tagline for the poster.

Something like: