The next step to after creating our own brand and logo, was to create a professional artist’s portfolio, and because we had only a couple of weeks left for the semester to end we had to work really fast. So, I started out with a specific idea on mind and I sketched a few different sketches of the layout of the book.

My idea was to create square portfolio, however the cover-page would be longer and so it flips over and there’s a die-cut that reveals my logo beneath it. The dimensions of the porfolio will be 210×210 mm.

The next step was to make a simple paper mockup of the portfolio, and how projects and content will be arranged inside the portfolio. So, I decided to separate my projects according to subject, and most important projects first. A content pages comes first, and then the Bio and Artist Statement, and then the projects. I placed an inspirational quote on the first and last pages too.

After that, moved on to InDesign. I created an interesting pattern out of my logo and placed it on on the cover-page, and lowered the opacity but kept the logo that will be revealed from the laser cut on full opacity. I made a second mockup just to try and see how the flip cover page is going to work. Even though the colors printed wrong, it still helped me decided on some sizes and spacings. The different subjects are each labeled with a different color column on the side of the page with the name of the subject written on it.

After I finished designing the portfolio, the next and final step was printing. Due to lack of time and resources, I had to change the design on my portfolio in the last minute because all the printer shops I called could not print the cover-page like I wanted them to. So instead of the flip cover-page, I changed it to a normal coverpage that had a laser cut and reveals my logo that is placed on the next page.

I did not like how the printer place printed my portfolio. The pages weren’t perfectly aligned and I some pages were misplaced. So thank god I had time and I was able to print it again in a different place. Here’s my final porfolio:

Please click here to view my online portfolio

Please click here to download my digital portfolio


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