Final Self Promotional Package

Project Overview

A self promotional packages are publicity items that tell the viewer all about the designer. The package represents the main style and purpose of the designer. So, as our final project for this semester, we were asked to design a self promotional package that represents us as designers in our feilds. These packages could be giveaways, or something you might leave behind in an interview or meeting. We were allowed to work with the experimental packages we designed in the beginning of the semester, or start all over. I decided to design something new.

Design Process

For my self promotional package, settled on designing a folder that would hold my CV, portfolio booklet, business card, and a CD that holds the soft copy of my portfolio. I would use this folder for any interview for a job, or for a client that is curious and wants to know more about my capabilities and my style. Because I’m quite known for my glasses, I decided to make my logo is an illustration of my eyes and glasses. For the font, I chose Futura because of its simplicity and clarity. Instead of making all the self promotional pieces in my package duplicates of each other (design wise), I decided to change each piece’s design, however still sticking to the same theme color, font, and logo.




Folder cover

CV template

Business card

Portfolio booklet (2 variations)




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